Subacromial Pain Syndrome:

Subacromial Pain

Subacromial pain syndrome (SPS) is a term that is used to describe pain around the shoulder that can’t be attributed to any anatomical structure.

This condition is usually in the absence of any trauma. Clients typically report pain with overhead activities. Lying on the affected side can also cause pain around the shoulder. 

Pain is typically reported at the front and the side of the shoulder, but clients may also complain of radiating pain into the elbow and neck. 

We can do some tests in our sessions to determine if we believe you are suffering from SPS and observe how your shoulder moves to identify any imbalances in muscle activation or movement that could contribute to your pain. 

We are also able to provide you with some education to help manage your shoulder pain. Education such as relative rest from activities that cause you pain and education around the use of pain medication and heat/cold therapy. 

Exercise therapy is the first line of treatment/management for SPS. Some exercises we can utilise to help with your shoulder pain include strengthening a group of muscles that provide stability to the shoulder. Furthermore, improving the shoulder’s ability to move more optimally helps with pain and disability. 

If you feel as though you are suffering from shoulder pain, it may be SPS. Feel free to get in touch with one of our physiotherapists, who can help you on your way to better shoulder health.