Reduce pain and recover from your injury with Your Health Physio

We cater for all your physiotherapy needs using a range of modern treatment approaches. Our treatment plans are based on two primary factors: your preferences and our expertise in treating specific injuries and concerns. We begin with a detailed assessment to help us determine the cause of your pain. Your diagnosis then helps us to create a tailored treatment plan designed to have you feeling better, as soon as possible.
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Knowledge is Power

Depending on the cause of your pain, treatment plans usually include manual therapy techniques, which are great for reducing most aches and pains, quickly. It also will most likely include some simple stretches or exercises to fix some of your movement issues.

We strongly believe knowledge is power and that’s why we provide you with clear explanations on every step of your recovery journey. We help you to understand what is wrong, what aggravates your injury and how to change it, so you can feel better and most importantly, stay better.

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