Knee pain

What causes knee pain and what can you do to try and limit it?

With coming out of lockdowns and enjoying the summer weather, you may be getting out and about and may have decided to take up running. However, you may find that knee pain may start to develop which can be nagging and achy especially if you’ve been out running more than often.

Knee pain

Pain around the front of the knee can be due to chronic overloading of the knee which can be done through excessive running. Poor control around the knee, hip and ankle and less strength can also impact and cause diffuse knee pain.

So what can be done about nagging knee pain?

Once we do a thorough assessment we can think about what to do next which may include:

  • Prescribing exercises that can help strengthen your muscles around your hip, knee and ankles.

  • Using massage to help de-load ‘tight’ structures around the hip and knee.

  • Using tape to off-load the knee cap which may help with reducing pain in the short term.

  • Some education around the importance of modifying your activity to allow for your knee pain to settle.

  • Determining the need for different footwear/orthotics that improve alignment.

While we will never tell you to stop running, it’s important that we can determine what it is that is specifically causing your knee pain. Feel free to get in touch and have a chat with one of our physiotherapists to get on top of your knee pain.